MerchantWords Review

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MerchantWords Review

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A good trader always monitors the market. This is to check for potential products customers are likely to purchase. You also need to review products that are highly demanded. This would help you stay updated on the kind of services you render or the products you sell and will keep your customers satisfied.

The marketplace has become a very competitive place leaving no room for new sellers, even on Amazon. For that reason, several keywords search tools were developed to make life better, more comfortable, and to accommodate new sellers. This helps them stay ahead, alert, and updated at all times.

Quite often, Google and Amazon search engines may not give you all the information you need. Most times, Google only finds answers to your questions by providing you with links. Amazon, on the other hand, only shows you common products you can purchase.

In this article, you will learn about another online retail tool for Amazon that can help you get the necessary information you need based on customers' demand. This article will enlighten you on how to use MerchantWords.

MerchantWords Explained

Quite often, Amazon sellers are clueless about what a buyer wants. If only sellers could know their mind, what they need or want at all times, it would make everything easier both for the buyer and seller. This is why this incredible tool was created. We can conclude that this tool was birthed as a result of a thirst to understand the mind of buyers on Amazon.

Since 2012, Amazon sellers can now know the estimated number of searches per keyword. With this tool, you can learn about:

●    the products that are in high demand on Amazon.

●    Most searched niches on Amazon

●    The kind of products that sell and the ones that don’t.

With this estimated number of searches for keywords, you can now optimize your product descriptions, product tags, and titles for the Amazon search engine. If you can match the most searched keywords with your product listing, your product will pop up each time a buyer searches for it.

How does MerchantWords Work?

MerchantWords is easy to use with zero complications. You can start by typing a product in the search space provided.

The next thing that will pop up on the screen is the estimated number of searches made for that particular product. It also provides relevant information such as the depth, seasonality, and dominant category. The dominant category tells you about where the searched product can be found.

Another incredible thing about this amazing tool is that it shows the different ways in which customers typed it on Amazon and search volume. This can help know how to draft your product listings, titles, and descriptions.

Lastly, you can also learn about new ideas on what products to offer. Quite often, after searching on this tool, you get to learn more about a product or niche. It is an incredible online retail tool that will definitely assist Amazon sellers to improve their sales.

Features of MerchantWords

We can't discuss MerchantWords review and not mention some of its fascinating features. There are three major essential features MerchantWords offers:

Information on Amazon’s First Page Products - this feature allows Amazon sellers to get information from product listings that appear on Amazon's first page. To be successful on Amazon, your product needs to be on the first page. This way, whenever a customer searches for the product you offer, it is one of the first items the buyer sees. With this feature, you can check out your competition and understand what to do to get to the first page yourself.

Delivery of Automated Optimization of Products

This is a newly added feature. It was developed to help Amazon sellers develop kick-ass product listings on Amazon. With this feature and at a specific price, you can get your product page optimized by professionals.

Selection Purposes

This feature helps you narrow down your search for a product. Instead of producing millions of search items, you can narrow it to specific categories. It also provides an option for you to categorize search results based on about ten or countries. We all know that Amazon is an international online market store that allows buyers from different angles of the world. With this feature, you can check the country with the most searches.

Upsides and Downsides

For this review to be complete, we need to talk about its upsides and downsides. Below we have collated a few pros and cons that will help us judge whether it is a good product or not.


·        MerchantWords offers incredible and satisfactory customer support to users. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Their customer support is always available to resolve any issues you may be passing through.

·        It can be used to make in-depth keyword research across the international market.

·        It can help improve the visibility of your products on Amazon.

·        You can check for history of product prices to judge whether a particular product is good for business.


·        It has been discovered that MerchantWords do not pull out their information directly from Amazon. They product data from search engines like Bing and Google. It means you are not really getting the most accurate data as regards your keyword.


MerchantWords review was developed to enlighten Amazon sellers who are not aware of a better way to get updated on the kind of products they offer. I hope you have learned something.

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