Complete Amazon FBA Guide

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Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a model in which the marketplace takes care of the fulfillment and shipment of products instead of you. So, if you want to become an Amazon FBA seller, that means you don’t need to worry about the packing and shipment of your products, just send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse and they will take care of the rest.

How does Amazon FBA Work

If you want to have your own Amazon FBA business there are a few steps you need to follow. FBA selling starts by signing up for an Amazon Seller account. Then you need to tell Amazon what products you want to sell and you will be assigned the warehouse to send the shipment to. Once your inventory arrives in the Amazon fulfillment center you can start selling.

As soon as you sell an item, Amazon will take it out of the warehouse, pack it in a box and ship it to the customer. Selling on Amazon FBA is totally hands-free for the sellers. On top of that, they also handle the customer service when it comes to returned products, so your investment of time, money and effort is minimal.

Two of the biggest advantages of Amazon FBA are that the product is available for Amazon Prime shipping and the fact that Amazon does all the hard work for you. This means the Amazon FBA model makes your life much easier.

 how does amazon fba work

What to Sell on Amazon Fba

 FBA allows you to sell new or used products, re-sell items in their original packaging or manufacture your own products.

We already mentioned in brief how Amazon FBA works but now it’s time to look at the process of choosing what to sell.

Here are the steps to find a suitable product to sell.

1.   Research the competition

A little competition is always good because it gives you information about the demand for this product. If there are a few competitors it means that the product is profitable while no competitors can signal that the margins are not enough or that there are other problems. Too many competitors may mean that you have to invest a lot to stand out.

 2.   Set the price

Choose products that sell for under $100. This is not a rule or an Amazon FBA recipe for success but if you are new to this model the ideal price range is under this number. In this sense, the best products to sell on Amazon FBA are of high quality and lower price.

Of course, If you can afford to invest more you can go for higher-priced products too because products over $100 will require a huge upfront investment.

3.   Check the Best Seller Rank

The BSR or best seller rank is the metric you can refer to when choosing a product to sell on Amazon. If similar products are ranking high it means that there is no demand for them.

4.  Avoid Name Brands

You will waste a lot of time and a lot of money competing with name brands, so it is better to avoid the niche.

5.  Find Suitable Keywords

Finding the keywords with the most search volume and optimizing for them is the golden ticket to success with Amazon FBA. You need a product that gets a lot of search volume. You will be even more successful if you can find keywords that your competitors are not optimizing for.

Finding missed optimization opportunities like important keywords missing in the product title or description can help your business grow and outshine the competition. Of course, even the best optimization will not help you if there is no search volume, to begin with.

selling on amazon fba


Amazon FBA allows any business, no matter its size, to offer products to millions of customers out there hassle-free.

With the FBA business model, a seller can take advantage of the largest fulfillment network in the world and first-class storage and customer service capabilities. Customers trust products that are backed up by Amazon, so the FBA program is a great way to increase your sales and brand recognition.

Amazon takes a huge load off the plate of sellers, handling all the packaging, storage, shipping and customer service.

Of course, the Amazon FBA has some disadvantages too, but you can minimize their impact and build a successful Amazon business.

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