AMZ Scout Review: All You Need To Know

written on 23/Monday/Mar/20 03:15

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Product research is the center of any successful business in the Amazon marketplace. Multiple software developers with a deep understanding of the eCommerce industry have developed tools for product research. These tools possess unique characteristics allowing you to list highly profitable products on Amazon. AMZ Scout is one of those tools one could use, which is why we will review it for you today.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZ Scout is a product founded by Alexander Volkov. AMZ Scout encapsulates about a dozen special features that contribute to its impressive product research capabilities.

  1. Ratings Information - What people say about a product is important to its sales potential. On AMZ, this tool offers instant information on the reviews given by customers about a product. This feature allows you to improve customer product experience, get good ratings, rankly highly on Amazon, and sell even more.
  2. Product Sourcing - After knowing what you want to sell, you need to get the right supplier and acquire adequate stock to sell. AMZ Scout Pro allows you access to potential suppliers for the product. This feature means that you do not have to take a lot of time vetting the right supplier for a given product. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time making orders since you get to control everything from wherever you are.
  3. Sales History - It is important to know how a product has been fairing in the market. A product may have outlived itself in the market, with people always going for the most trendy. Visit the IO Scout and find a products to sell on Amazon. This feature on AMZscout pro gives you the history of sales of a product for the past one year.
  4. Profit Calculator - It is only reasonable to list a product on Amazon when you know it can sell. The profit calculator gives you an estimated amount of income you may make from a product in case it sells well on Amazon.
  5. Sales Rank - The Amazon sales rank is a common question in the eCommerce market. Every time you have a product listed on Amazon, it ranks itself in its category based on how it sells. In the case of the AMZ research tool, the sales rank feature gives you a list of the best sellers in that category.
  6. Product Listing Quality Score - When you have decided on the product to sell it on Amazon. The product appears on the product listing page where there is an image, title, quantity, and price, among other things. This page is basically where the user will land and needs to be at its best. The listing quality gives you a score of your listing and allows you to make amends to the page.
  7. Keyword Explorer - You might have the best product, but how accessible is it? Keywords are the ones that usually rank you highly. The keyword explorer allows you to get highly effective keywords for your listing, allowing you to reach top pages easily noticed by buyers.
  8. Fulfillment Details - Also known as AMZscout FBA , this tool gives you details of the Fulfillment By Amazon program. When you have a product on Amazon, the big deal is who packages it, stores it, and delivers it? Amazon FBA does all this for you at a standard price. 
  9. Spy on competition - Other sellers may be selling better on Amazon than yourself. This feature allows you to snoop into what they do, their keywords, and tricks and do even better to beat them in the market.

AMZ has other features like the one that tells you the market on which AMZ scout works, as well as the revenue estimates feature. Let's drill down into its pricing.

Pricing of AMZ Scout

AMZ pricing is divided into three levels. Foremost there is the AMZScout free trial that runs for a week and allows you to acquaint yourself with the product before a subscription. The second plan is "Basic" for a monthly charge of $29.99. The third plan is "Start" at $39.99 a month. Lastly, is the "Business" plan at $59.99.

In a nutshell

A good product is simplified that even without a manual, you should know where everything is located. This review touches on several important things about the product. You can also use the AMZ Scout extension on your browser, allowing you to research any product without leaving the page. 

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