Amazon Listing Optimization – The ultimate guide 2020

written on 27/Friday/Mar/20 11:49

Congratulations on finding a winning product for your Amazon Business. But with over 300 million active users, this is where the hard work starts. Did you know that 95% of item listings on are not put up appropriately? Thankfully, this in-depth guide is purposed to uplift your item sales by 300 percent & overall list conversions by up to 500 percent through optimization.

how to optimize amazon listings

What does Amazon list optimization mean?

This is the means of meliorating item pages to enhance their visibility in search queries, CTR (click-through rate) & CR (conversion rate) in order to realize better sales.

Optimization essentially involves optimizing your listing for the right key-words in consonance with’s A9 algorithm, & optimizing your listing with the right content & photos to increase visibility, drive visitors & improve conversion rates.

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Amazon has its signature mechanism for rating items on its search queries much like Google and Yahoo. This mechanism is called A9. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that decides which items are suitable for a buyer’s query & rates the with the most essential query results.

We commence work even before a buyer computes their query. We have been evaluating data, viewing trends, and performing indexation of terms defining every item in our stockpile…immediately we notice the first key-stroke, we provide instantaneous recommendations & a robust array of queries results .” – A9

The secret to understanding Amazon list optimization lies with knowing basic A9. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.Parameters that A9 looks for include textual match relevance, velocity of sales. Inventory availability, item pricing, FBA status, advertisements, & buyer feedback.

Amazon item list components and how to optimize your amazon product listings

Venders on Amazon should get acquainted with these six components lists that need optimizing:

Item title

Item lists which have around 50 to 80 plus characters rank among the top 1000 items. Hence, vendor lists should have no fewer than 80 characters. There is a solid relationship between the length of the item & the volume of sale realized. Item titles within this range have greater CTR on the results page.

Item Pictures

Images are the hallmark of listing quality. Item photos should be high-res & compelling in order for them to convert. We advise that you should include around 5 to 8 images like the top 62 percent of Amazon listings have. Six high-quality images taken at various angles, in clear light & on white background will rake in a decent income.

Item Feedback

A successful item list is one which has around 500-1,000 feedback comments. Any product in that region will command a lot of purchases. A doll with more than 700 customer feedback with 4.3 out of 5-stars is a darn highly optimized item. Conversely, a similar doll with 4.8 ratings & 14 customer feedback will perform less in sales. Endeavor to encourage your buyers to write honest views on your item.

Item Description

Never neglect the power of words when selling anything. Creating a captivating Item description all boils down to your creativity & knowledgeability of SEO. A mix of both skills can facilitate higher rates and help you convert better. Explain why you are selling the merch for that amount & how it’s going to change their lives. Also endeavor to convince them why your offering is better than your adversaries.

Item attributes

Item attributes/features are a vital element of your Item lists. They are those bullet points you find on other item descriptions. Bullets are brief and easy to understand that long-body texts containing dense, indigestible information. However, do not over-write bullets points. From our analysis, we recommend 5 bullets. Endeavor to keep them entertaining & convincing to make it irresistible.

Item rankings

The rating associated with an item has a strong influence on it rankings/ratings. As a rule of thumb, the more the rating, the greater the rankings. A feedback rating of 4.0 is very good but can still be built-upon.

Top 3 tools for Amazon listing optimization

IO Scout                                

IO Scout is developed to be a straightforward remedy for list optimization and monitoring. it provides advanced data accuracy. With IO, you can monitor & evaluate up to 150 million Amazon merchandise.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a world-renowned Amazon niche-hunter software that helps you perform keyword research. It has an expanded key-word log that provides leading key-words (keyword scout). It also helps you with item title, features, & description.

Seller App

Developed by the Amazon team, Seller App analyzes item lists, pits them against best practices (key-word optimization, Image quality, etc.) to deliver list optimization suggestions. It achieves this by also simplifying LQI & tracking your progress

Final words

Only great-selling products perform excellently in Amazon queries. To rank organically for your products, always remember that content is cash. Focus on Key-words for your title and descriptions. Also, optimize for mobile devices, perform competitor analysis. People love social proof & once you have proven to connect successfully with your audience, your bank account will start to get fattened.

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