JumpSend Review – What You Need to Know

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As every successful seller would tell you, launching a product on Amazon is one of the easiest things to mess up. Once you have a terrible product launch, it can be extremely difficult to get some forward momentum afterwards. The good people at Jungle Scout realized this and introduced JumpSend to ensure a successful product launches every time.

Note : Before we continue with this JumpSend review, there is something worth mentioning. As of June 2019, JumpSend is now part of the Jungle Scout’s tools. It is now going by the name Launch .

What is JumpSend?

JumpSend Amazon is a tool that helps increase your chances of a successful product launch. It is basically a marketplace that has over 100,000 consumers that are ready and willing to buy your product the moment it is launched. You products are advertised on the marketplace to get you started with the selling process. Then it helps you keeps sales consistent through automated email follow-ups and promotions.

How Sellers Use JumpSend

The consumers who have signed up to use the marketplace are looking for the best JumpSend deals that allow them to save. This is done by offering them promo codes, which they then use when they want to buy your product for a discount. And you get full control of who gets a discount code and who doesn’t.

Basically, here is how the process of driving sales on JumpSend works:

  • You create a one-time discount code on Amazon that you wish to share with your customers.
  • Potential customers request for the code on JumpSend’s marketplace.
  • Once you get the request, you choose to either accept or decline it.
  • Upon accepting the request, the customer uses it on Amazon to purchase your product at a reduced price.

4 Reasons Why JumpSend is For Your

There are several reasons why it makes good sense to use Jump Send as a seller. Of course, the most obvious reason is to tap into the large marketplace with buyers who are ready to buy your newly-launched products. This will make sure that your product launch is successful and you start selling from the start. Gaining that much traction from the beginning is something that is extremely hard to pass up.

Besides that, there are a few more reasons why Jump Send is extremely useful for you as an Amazon seller.

1. Allows Your to Become Competitive from the Get-Go

The sooner you start selling, the more you can become competitive. The more you sell, the more your Amazon Seller Rank increases due to the consistency of sales coming from JumpSent. This means that when people are searching for your product, you will appear in the top search results. When you combine this with an effective keyword strategy, you boost your sells even more.

2. It is Part of Jungle Scout

When you are paying for JumpSend, which is now Launch, you also get other Jungle Scout tools to use to pick another profitable product and increase your sales. These tools include the Product Database, Product Tracker, Supplier Database, Listing Builder, Keyword Scout and more.

3. Increases Sales Through Retargeting of Customers

After you make your initial sale to a customer, JumpSend allows you to then create highly-personalized and automated retargeting email campaigns. This means you can alert customers to more JumpSend deals as soon as they are available to drive sales even further.

4. Helps You Encourage Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

On top of alerting customers to the latest deals, JumpSend allows you to automate your email follow-up sequences. If a customer loved your product, they are encouraged to leave you a positive review. And if they didn’t, you can respond to the feedback and make things right to minimize the incidence of negative reviews.

How Much Does JumpSend Cost?

Since JumpSend became integrated into Jungle Scout, the pricing structure changed. There is a 7-day free trial period that is used to determine what you will pay. The amount you pay is dependent on the number of orders that have been verified on your Seller Central account. 

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • $49 per month for 0-500 confirmed orders.
  • $69 per month for 501-2,000 confirmed orders.
  • $99 per month for 2,001-5,000 confirmed orders.
  • $199 per month for 5,001-10,000 confirmed orders.
  • $399 per month for 10,000+ confirmed orders.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are starting out on Amazon or you are a seasoned Amazon seller, JumpSend or Launch is the perfect place to grow your business. It has plenty of big advantages, from providing a marketplace full of ready-to-buy sellers to helping you climb to the top of the Amazon search results. Start account-based sales using Closely tools You would be wise to give it a try.

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Complete Amazon FBA Guide

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a model in which the marketplace takes care of the fulfillment and shipment of products instead of you. So, if you want to become an Amazon FBA seller, that means you don’t need to worry about the packing and shipment of your products: electronics, beauty, books, toys, just send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse and they will take care of the rest.

Books is very popular product to sell on Amazon IO Scout's tips will help you to become more profitable by selling your books on Amazon marketplace.

How does Amazon FBA Work

If you want to have your own Amazon FBA business there are a few steps you need to follow. FBA selling starts by signing up for an Amazon Seller account: Then you need to tell Amazon what products you want to sell and you will be assigned the warehouse to send the shipment to. Once your inventory arrives in the Amazon fulfillment center you can start selling.

As soon as you sell an item, Amazon will take it out of the warehouse, pack it in a box and ship it to the customer. Selling on Amazon FBA is totally hands-free for the sellers. On top of that, they also handle the customer service when it comes to returned products, so your investment of time, money and effort is minimal.

Two of the biggest advantages of Amazon FBA are that the product is available for Amazon Prime shipping and the fact that Amazon does all the hard work for you. This means the Amazon FBA model makes your life much easier.

 how does amazon fba work

What to Sell on Amazon Fba

 FBA allows you to sell new or used products, re-sell items in their original packaging or manufacture your own products.

We already mentioned in brief how Amazon FBA works but now it’s time to look at the process of choosing what to sell.

Here are the steps to find a suitable product to sell.

1.   Research the competition

A little competition is always good because it gives you information about the demand for this product. If there are a few competitors it means that the product is profitable while no competitors can signal that the margins are not enough or that there are other problems. Too many competitors may mean that you have to invest a lot to stand out.

 2.   Set the price

Choose products that sell for under $100. This is not a rule or an Amazon FBA recipe for success but if you are new to this model the ideal price range is under this number. In this sense, the best products to sell on Amazon FBA are of high quality and lower price.

Of course, If you can afford to invest more you can go for higher-priced products too because products over $100 will require a huge upfront investment.

3.  Check the Best Seller Rank

The BSR or best seller rank is the metric you can refer to when choosing a product to sell on Amazon. If similar products are ranking high it means that there is no demand for them.

4.  Avoid Name Brands

You will waste a lot of time and a lot of money competing with name brands, so it is better to avoid the niche.

5.  Find Suitable Keywords

Finding the keywords with the most search volume and optimizing for them is the golden ticket to success with Amazon FBA. You need a product that gets a lot of search volume. You will be even more successful if you can find keywords that your competitors are not optimizing for.

Finding missed optimization opportunities like important keywords missing in the product title or description can help your business grow and outshine the competition. Of course, even the best optimization will not help you if there is no search volume, to begin with.

selling on amazon fba


Amazon FBA allows any business, no matter its size, to offer products to millions of customers out there hassle-free.

With the FBA business model, a seller can take advantage of the largest fulfillment network in the world and first-class storage and customer service capabilities. Customers trust products that are backed up by Amazon, so the FBA program is a great way to increase your sales and brand recognition.

Amazon takes a huge load off the plate of sellers, handling all the packaging, storage, shipping and customer service.

Of course, the Amazon FBA has some disadvantages too, but you can minimize their impact and build a successful Amazon business.

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Amazon Listing Optimization – The ultimate guide 2020

Congratulations on finding a winning product for your Amazon Business. But with over 300 million active users, this is where the hard work starts. Did you know that 95% of item listings on are not put up appropriately? Thankfully, this in-depth guide is purposed to uplift your item sales by 300 percent & overall list conversions by up to 500 percent through optimization.

how to optimize amazon listings

What does Amazon list optimization mean?

This is the means of meliorating item pages to enhance their visibility in search queries, CTR (click-through rate) & CR (conversion rate) in order to realize better sales.

Optimization essentially involves optimizing your listing for the right key-words in consonance with’s A9 algorithm, & optimizing your listing with the right content & photos to increase visibility, drive visitors & improve conversion rates.

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Amazon has its signature mechanism for rating items on its search queries much like Google and Yahoo. This mechanism is called A9. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that decides which items are suitable for a buyer’s query & rates the with the most essential query results.

We commence work even before a buyer computes their query. We have been evaluating data, viewing trends, and performing indexation of terms defining every item in our stockpile…immediately we notice the first key-stroke, we provide instantaneous recommendations & a robust array of queries results .” – A9

The secret to understanding Amazon list optimization lies with knowing basic A9. Parameters that A9 looks for include textual match relevance, velocity of sales. Inventory availability, item pricing, FBA status, advertisements, & buyer feedback.

Amazon item list components and how to optimize your amazon product listings

Venders on Amazon should get acquainted with these six components lists that need optimizing:

Item title

Item lists which have around 50 to 80 plus characters rank among the top 1000 items. Hence, vendor lists should have no fewer than 80 characters. There is a solid relationship between the length of the item & the volume of sale realized. Item titles within this range have greater CTR on the results page.

Item Pictures

Images are the hallmark of listing quality. Item photos should be high-res & compelling in order for them to convert. We advise that you should include around 5 to 8 images like the top 62 percent of Amazon listings have. Six high-quality images taken at various angles, in clear light & on white background will rake in a decent income.

Item Feedback

A successful item list is one which has around 500-1,000 feedback comments. Any product in that region will command a lot of purchases. A doll with more than 700 customer feedback with 4.3 out of 5-stars is a darn highly optimized item. Conversely, a similar doll with 4.8 ratings & 14 customer feedback will perform less in sales. Endeavor to encourage your buyers to write honest views on your item.

Item Description

Never neglect the power of words when selling anything. Creating a captivating Item description all boils down to your creativity & knowledgeability of SEO. A mix of both skills can facilitate higher rates and help you convert better. Explain why you are selling the merch for that amount & how it’s going to change their lives. Also endeavor to convince them why your offering is better than your adversaries.

Item attributes

Item attributes/features are a vital element of your Item lists. They are those bullet points you find on other item descriptions. Bullets are brief and easy to understand that long-body texts containing dense, indigestible information. However, do not over-write bullets points. From our analysis, we recommend 5 bullets. Endeavor to keep them entertaining & convincing to make it irresistible.

Item rankings

The rating associated with an item has a strong influence on it rankings/ratings. As a rule of thumb, the more the rating, the greater the rankings. A feedback rating of 4.0 is very good but can still be built-upon.

Top 3 tools for Amazon listing optimization

IO Scout                                

IO Scout is developed to be a straightforward remedy for list optimization and monitoring. it provides advanced data accuracy. With IO, you can monitor & evaluate up to 150 million Amazon merchandise.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a world-renowned Amazon niche-hunter software that helps you perform keyword research. It has an expanded key-word log that provides leading key-words (keyword scout). It also helps you with item title, features, & description.

Seller App

Developed by the Amazon team, Seller App analyzes item lists, pits them against best practices (key-word optimization, Image quality, etc.) to deliver list optimization suggestions. It achieves this by also simplifying LQI & tracking your progress

Final words

Only great-selling products perform excellently in Amazon queries. To rank organically for your products, always remember that content is cash. Focus on Key-words for your title and descriptions. Also, optimize for mobile devices, perform competitor analysis. People love social proof & once you have proven to connect successfully with your audience, your bank account will start to get fattened.

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AMZ Scout Review: All You Need To Know

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Product research is the center of any successful business in the Amazon marketplace. Multiple software developers with a deep understanding of the eCommerce industry have developed tools for product research. These tools possess unique characteristics allowing you to list highly profitable products on Amazon. AMZ Scout is one of those tools one could use, which is why we will review it for you today.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZ Scout is a product founded by Alexander Volkov. AMZ Scout encapsulates about a dozen special features that contribute to its impressive product research capabilities.

  1. Ratings Information - What people say about a product is important to its sales potential. On AMZ, this tool offers instant information on the reviews given by customers about a product. This feature allows you to improve customer product experience, get good ratings, rankly highly on Amazon, and sell even more.
  2. Product Sourcing - After knowing what you want to sell, you need to get the right supplier and acquire adequate stock to sell. AMZ Scout Pro allows you access to potential suppliers for the product. This feature means that you do not have to take a lot of time vetting the right supplier for a given product. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time making orders since you get to control everything from wherever you are.
  3. Sales History - It is important to know how a product has been fairing in the market. A product may have outlived itself in the market, with people always going for the most trendy. This feature on AMZscout pro gives you the history of sales of a product for the past one year.
  4. Profit Calculator - It is only reasonable to list a product on Amazon when you know it can sell. The profit calculator gives you an estimated amount of income you may make from a product in case it sells well on Amazon.
  5. Sales Rank - The Amazon sales rank is a common question in the eCommerce market. Every time you have a product listed on Amazon, it ranks itself in its category based on how it sells. In the case of the AMZ research tool, the sales rank feature gives you a list of the best sellers in that category.
  6. Product Listing Quality Score - When you have decided on the product to sell it on Amazon. The product appears on the product listing page where there is an image, title, quantity, and price, among other things. This page is basically where the user will land and needs to be at its best. The listing quality gives you a score of your listing and allows you to make amends to the page.
  7. Keyword Explorer - You might have the best product, but how accessible is it? Keywords are the ones that usually rank you highly. The keyword explorer allows you to get highly effective keywords for your listing, allowing you to reach top pages easily noticed by buyers.
  8. Fulfillment Details - Also known as AMZscout FBA , this tool gives you details of the Fulfillment By Amazon program. When you have a product on Amazon, the big deal is who packages it, stores it, and delivers it? Amazon FBA does all this for you at a standard price. 
  9. Spy on competition - Other sellers may be selling better on Amazon than yourself. This feature allows you to snoop into what they do, their keywords, and tricks and do even better to beat them in the market.

AMZ has other features like the one that tells you the market on which AMZ scout works, as well as the revenue estimates feature. Let's drill down into its pricing.

Pricing of AMZ Scout

AMZ pricing is divided into three levels. Foremost there is the AMZScout free trial that runs for a week and allows you to acquaint yourself with the product before a subscription. The second plan is "Basic" for a monthly charge of $29.99. The third plan is "Start" at $39.99 a month. Lastly, is the "Business" plan at $59.99.

In a nutshell

A good product is simplified that even without a manual, you should know where everything is located. This review touches on several important things about the product. You can also use the AMZ Scout extension on your browser, allowing you to research any product without leaving the page. 

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MerchantWords Review

MerchantWords Review

Image result for merchant words review

A good trader always monitors the market. This is to check for potential products customers are likely to purchase. You also need to review products that are highly demanded. This would help you stay updated on the kind of services you render or the products you sell and will keep your customers satisfied.

The marketplace has become a very competitive place leaving no room for new sellers, even on Amazon. For that reason, several keywords search tools were developed to make life better, more comfortable, and to accommodate new sellers. This helps them stay ahead, alert, and updated at all times.

Quite often, Google and Amazon search engines may not give you all the information you need. Most times, Google only finds answers to your questions by providing you with links. Amazon, on the other hand, only shows you common products you can purchase.

In this article, you will learn about another online retail tool for Amazon that can help you get the necessary information you need based on customers' demand. This article will enlighten you on how to use MerchantWords.

MerchantWords Explained

Quite often, Amazon sellers are clueless about what a buyer wants. If only sellers could know their mind, what they need or want at all times, it would make everything easier both for the buyer and seller. This is why this incredible tool was created. We can conclude that this tool was birthed as a result of a thirst to understand the mind of buyers on Amazon.

Since 2012, Amazon sellers can now know the estimated number of searches per keyword. With this tool, you can learn about:

●    the products that are in high demand on Amazon.

●    Most searched niches on Amazon

●    The kind of products that sell and the ones that don’t.

With this estimated number of searches for keywords, you can now optimize your product descriptions, product tags, and titles for the Amazon search engine. If you can match the most searched keywords with your product listing, your product will pop up each time a buyer searches for it.

How does MerchantWords Work?

MerchantWords is easy to use with zero complications. You can start by typing a product in the search space provided.

The next thing that will pop up on the screen is the estimated number of searches made for that particular product. It also provides relevant information such as the depth, seasonality, and dominant category. The dominant category tells you about where the searched product can be found.

Another incredible thing about this amazing tool is that it shows the different ways in which customers typed it on Amazon and search volume. This can help know how to draft your product listings, titles, and descriptions.

Lastly, you can also learn about new ideas on what products to offer. Quite often, after searching on this tool, you get to learn more about a product or niche. It is an incredible online retail tool that will definitely assist Amazon sellers to improve their sales.

Features of MerchantWords

We can't discuss MerchantWords review and not mention some of its fascinating features. There are three major essential features MerchantWords offers:

Information on Amazon’s First Page Products - this feature allows Amazon sellers to get information from product listings that appear on Amazon's first page. To be successful on Amazon, your product needs to be on the first page. This way, whenever a customer searches for the product you offer, it is one of the first items the buyer sees. With this feature, you can check out your competition and understand what to do to get to the first page yourself.

Delivery of Automated Optimization of Products

This is a newly added feature. It was developed to help Amazon sellers develop kick-ass product listings on Amazon. With this feature and at a specific price, you can get your product page optimized by professionals.

Selection Purposes

This feature helps you narrow down your search for a product. Instead of producing millions of search items, you can narrow it to specific categories. It also provides an option for you to categorize search results based on about ten or countries. We all know that Amazon is an international online market store that allows buyers from different angles of the world. With this feature, you can check the country with the most searches.

Upsides and Downsides

For this review to be complete, we need to talk about its upsides and downsides. Below we have collated a few pros and cons that will help us judge whether it is a good product or not.


·        MerchantWords offers incredible and satisfactory customer support to users. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Their customer support is always available to resolve any issues you may be passing through.

·        It can be used to make in-depth keyword research across the international market.

·        It can help improve the visibility of your products on Amazon.

·        You can check for history of product prices to judge whether a particular product is good for business.


·        It has been discovered that MerchantWords do not pull out their information directly from Amazon. They product data from search engines like Bing and Google. It means you are not really getting the most accurate data as regards your keyword.


MerchantWords review was developed to enlighten Amazon sellers who are not aware of a better way to get updated on the kind of products they offer. I hope you have learned something.

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